SIA-3000 Water Quality Analyzer(COD,TN,TP,ammonia,heavy metals)
Product Summary:
The SIA-3000 series is a new generation of miniaturized water quality online analyzers. Compared to the SIA-2000 series, it is easy to operate, highly integrated and produces far more accurate readings. Not only is it a superior appearance, but it also has improved user experience. It is suitable for miniature water quality monitoring stations, monitoring mobile waters and other similar application scenarios.

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Product overview

FPI has more than 20-year experience providing water quality monitoring solutions,and has 1500+ R&D experts, 8+innovation platforms, can quickly provide you with professional solutions!

SIA-3000 series is a new generation mini-water quality online analyzer with high integration, easy operation, and high accuracy; it is suitable for micro water stations and mobile water stations. This system is a series online facility for chemical oxygen demand(COD), total nitrogen(TN), total phosphate (TP), ammonia, and heavy metals.

Product features
  • Due to its excellent anti-interference capabilities, its’ dual-beam design efficiently limits the impact of factors such as chromaticity and turbidity of the water body that may impair measurement results. 
  • With a reagent and waste liquid volume that is 80% less than similar products, SIA-3000 has lower operation and maintenance costs.
  • Continuous measurement, periodic measurement, manual measurement, remote control measurement mode available.
  • Capable of performing automatic calibrations at any time, with 1-240h regular intervals.
  • Capable of performing multi-point calibration for linear, quadratic and cubic fitting.
  • Capable of performing automatic cleaning cycles based on the complexity of the on-site water sample.
  • It detects reagents and water samples, determines whether there is a shortage of liquid, generates a warning alarm, and has functions such as reagent residual warning, instrument log, and fault alarm systems.

Product Specifications:

 Pollutant Type 
 Monitoring Factors 
 Organic Compound Factor 
 Oxidized by Potassium Dichromate-
 Permanganate Index
 Potassium Permanganate Titration

 Ammonia Nitrogen 
 Salicylic Acid Spectrophotometry 
 Total Phosphorus
 Potassium Persulfate Digestion-
Phosphorus Molybdenum Blues
 Total Nitrogen
 Alkaline Potassium Persulfate
Digestion-UV Spectrophotometry
 Heavy Metal 
 Cr VI 
 Total Chromium 
 Bathocuproine Spectrophotometry
 Dimethylglyoxime Spectrophotometry
 Formaldoxime Spectrophotometry
 Zinc Reagent Spectrophotometry

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Application area
  • Surface water 
  • Drinking water 
  • Sewage 
  • Industrial process water 
  • Pollutant discharge

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