WAGA-100 Water-soluble Ion Analyzer
Product Summary:
Sample gas passes through denuder and soluble gas will be analyzed by ion chromatograph first, the aerosol will then inflated and passing into ion chromatograph for analysis on soluble aerosol.
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Product overview
Sample gas passes through denuder and soluble gas will be analyzed by ion chromatograph first, the aerosol will then inflated and passing into ion chromatograph for analysis on soluble aerosol.
Product features
  •       Gases measured SO2, NH3, HONO, HNO2, HCL;
  •       Aerosol ions measured F-, CL-, NO2-, NO3-, SO42-, NH4+, K+, Ca2+, Na+, Mg2+;
  •       Using Steam jet-impact sampling technology to short sampling time and get chemical composition information accurate; 
  •       Fully automated control, less manual maintenance;
Media materials
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