AQMS-1000M Compact Air Quality Monitoring System(SO2, NOx, CO, O3, PM10, PM2.5, VOC)

Product Summary:

The compact system is the alternative solution against standard AQMS, it comes with integrated shelter consisting IPC, sampler, AC and all necessary accessories.

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Product overview Product features Application area
Product overview
  • Comparing to the regular station, the compact one covers all advantages but less land area with miniaturization instruments, which is more cost-effective
  • Being extendable for VOCs or other analyzers, this type of system will be typically installed at tunnel or traffic joints, which needs online monitoring.
  • This system applies in key roads, villages, or factories surroundings which is critical for municipal or regular polluted areas, used for legal enforcement.         

Error of Indication NO2, CO, O3, SO2: ±1%F.S. Ошибка индикации
NO2, CO, O3, SO2: ±1%F.S.
Lower Detection Limit

NO2: 0.4ppCO:0.04ppm  O3:0.8ppb

SO2:0.5ppb  PM2.5:0.002mg/m3  PM10:0.002mg/m3

Минимальный предел обнаружения
NO2: 0.4ppb   CO:0.04ppm  O3:0.8ppb SO2:0.5ppb  PM2.5:0.002мг/м3  PM10:0.002мг/м3
Working Condition

Temperature: 0~40°C

Humidity: 0~95%RH (No condense) 

Рабочие условия

Температура: 0~40°C

Влажность: 0~95%RH (Без конденсата)

Power 220V AC, 45~55Hz Мощность
220V AC, 45~55Hz



≤ 200kg (Not include analyzers)

≤ 200kg (Не включать анализаторы)

Product features
  • Monitoring SO2, NOx, CO, O3, PM10, PM2.5, VOC and meteorological five parameters;
  • The complete system has been made module designed, can be configured in accordance with the actual measuring requirements;
  • Low maintenance and operation requirement;
  • Compliance with US EPA method;
Application area

Normalization of environmental management.

Roadside station monitoring.

Polluted area of chemical industrial park monitoring.

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