New Product: SupNIR Portable Analyzer (SupNIR-2300)
Pub Date:2021-03-12 Source: View Num:2842

The SupNIR Portable (SupNIR-2300) is a portable instrument that can be taken to the field to support raw material acquisition, production inspection, seed screening, new production evaluation in feed industry, oil processing, grain trade, etc. Non-destructive rapid detection of physical and chemical components of granules, strips, and powdered samples are realized within less than 10 seconds. 

FPI has focused on grain and feed industry for more than 25 years with NIR instruments for quality control to meet its needs. And customers are free of charge for all 76 calibrations, also they could develop their own calibrations with total autonomy. 

• Portable: small in size, can be taken to the field;
• Battery Charged: long lasting up to 24 hours under normal analysis;
• Easy Operation: analyzer connected to mobile via Bluetooth, user friendly Mobile APP to operate;
• Fast: 10-second analysis of all type of samples;
• Modern technology and a wide range of available calibration available;

High Performance:
• Wavelength repeatability < 0.05 nm 
• Wavelength accuracy < 0.2 nm 
• Signal to noise ratio > 10000:1 

• Analysis time < 10s


Grain, Oilseed, Processing, Flow Milling, Starch Production, Sugar Production, Ethanol Production, Raw Material of Feed, Feed Final Productions.


Moisture, Protein, Fat/Oil, Ash, Fiber, Starch, Amino Acid, Sugar, Dry matter and more.

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