FPI's Eco-Environmental Monitoring Innovation Outcome Appeared at the Seminar
Pub Date:2020-12-17 Source: View Num:678
From December 2 to 4, the 2020 Beijing International Eco-Environmental Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Exhibition and Environmental Ecology Seminar was successfully held at the China International Exhibition Center, with research institutes, business representatives and experts in the field of ecological environment participating. This seminar was hosted by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the China Association for Science and Technology.

This seminar aims to comprehensively accelerate the transformation and application of new products and technologies based on successful cases and new technologies, promote technical and academic exchanges in the field of eco-environment, provide scientific and technological support for the treatment of environmental pollution, and create the platform of environmental protection and the whole industry chain of ecological construction.

Focused Photonics (Hangzhou) Inc. (FPI) as the National Environmental Protection Monitoring Instrument Engineering Technology Center and representatives of domestic enterprises in the field of ecological environment monitoring technology and instruments, was invited to bring the ambient air, water and other environmental fields Innovative results appeared in this seminar.

In recent years, FPI R&D strength has been in a leading position in China, and it shoulders the important task of research and industrialization of new technologies in the environmental protection industry. FPI focuses on technological innovation and has successively undertaken a number of major domestic scientific research projects, such as "CEMS continuous stack emission monitoring system", "Industrialization of UV / visible optical fiber spectral gas analysis system", and national science instrument program. The products developed by FPI have won the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice in a row.

So far, FPI has applied for 846 patents, participated in the drafting of 24 national standards, 15 industry standards and 2 IEC international standards including "Tunable Laser gas analyzers", and is responsible for the formulation of 9 industry standards and 4 national standards, such as " On-line Ultraviolet and Visible Spectroscopic Analyzer".

For different application scenarios, FPI has launched a variety of products for the environment, such as atmospheric environment, water environment, and pollution sources, to meet the customized demands of different customers and to protect the national ecological environment.

In this conference, FPI showcased a series of newly developed comprehensive ecological environment monitoring solutions and products, including ambient particulate source analysis system, ambient photochemical pollution monitoring system, mobile station, integrated solutions for water environmental monitoring, Industrial park integration solution, and some newly developed products. FPI integrated platform of "Monitoring, Management, Governance" of the eco-environment not only meets the requirements of ecological monitoring and management in different environments, but also provides technical and service support for the management department to achieve fine management.

In the future, FPI will uphold the spirit of independent research and development, combine advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data, and constantly strive to innovate to help the development in eco-environment area!

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