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In October 2020, the "Second China Atmospheric Ozone Pollution Prevention and Control Seminar" was successfully held in Nanjing, China. This conference was co-sponsored by Peking University, Jinan University and Association of Atmospheric Environment of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences.

The seminar aims to strengthen exchanges and cooperation on the prevention and control of atmospheric ozone pollution, discuss the understanding of ozone pollution prevention and control, promote regional coordination of ozone pollution prevention and control.

The seminar is focusing on " Scientific Cognition and Regional Practice", and experts and scholars, government officials, and industry representatives in related fields were invited. Academician Zhang Yuanhang (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) was invited to give an academic report and released the "China Blue Book of Atmospheric Ozone Pollution Prevention and Control (2020)".

In response to the increasingly prominent problem of atmospheric ozone pollution in China, Blue Book comprehensively introduces the situation of prevention and control of ozone pollution, sorts out the actions that have been taken in China, and puts forward countermeasures at different levels.

At the conference, Focused Photonics (Hangzhou) Inc. (FPI) demonstrated the air pollution prevention and control comprehensive solution consisting of photochemical pollution monitoring system, particulate source analysis system and mobile station, systematically using online, mobile, and portable detection methods to monitor ozone concentration and volatile organic compounds (VOC) effectively, assisting scientific prevention and control of regional and urban ozone pollution.

FPI’s ozone pollution prevention and control comprehensive solution is based on core analysis and detection technologies such as mass spectrometry, chromatography, and spectroscopy, with a variety of core monitoring instruments (PANs analyzer, Formaldehyde analyzer, ozone analyzer, VOCs online chromatography-mass spectrometer, NMHC online analyzer, dual-channel mobile mass spectrometer, etc.), to prevent and control ozone pollution and improve ambient air quality.

PANs Analyzer 

Peroxy Acetyl Nitrate does not have any natural presence but only be produced during human activity. Therefore, PAN is a significant representative index of photochemical pollution. System adopts GC-ECD principle to identify and quantify the presence of PAN in sample.

Features and Benefits
1. Complete online operation and automatic calibration.
2. High sensitivity and low detection limit down to PPT level.
3. Fast cycle time up to maximum 12 times per hours for various requirements and applications.
4. User friendly multi-function software, enables remote operation, reduces maintenance cost.

VOC-100 Ambient VOC Analyzer

The VOC-100 consists of a low carbon (C2-C5) analyzer and a high carbon (C6-C12) analyzer, with FID & PID dual detectors to measure photochemical precursors from C2-C12. Sample is passing through multiple columns which split sample with compounds, high boiling point impurity will be purged out and clean sample will be sequentially flow into FID/PID detector accordingly.

Features and Benefits
1. Automatic Operation
The FID flame will light automatically after warm-up time. It is continuous online analysis, automatic cycle at start up.
2. Full Heated Design 
The whole process heat tracing FID detection avoids high-boiling VOC attached, promoting the accuracy. No steam condensation, avoiding corrosion of components.
3. Regulation Compliance
Adopting the international standard chromatographic monitoring method.

PFS-100 Photolysis Rate Analyzer

Photolytic rate of some critical reactant and free radical (O1D, NO2, OH, HONO, HCHO etc.) are key indicators for identify status & extent of photochemical pollution. The analyzer is receiving solar radiation by quartz probe and transferring the radiation to spectrum via optical quartz fibre, the spectrum data will be evaluated and compared with reference data with mathematical approach and gives photolytic rate.

Formaldehyde Analyzer

Formaldehyde is an important precursor of ground-level ozone and secondary organic aerosols, and is also an oxidation product of many carbonyl compounds. It affects the generation of free radicals and plays an important role in atmospheric chemical reactions. Moreover, formaldehyde has strong activity. Studies have shown that it is the volatile organic compound that contributes the most to photochemical pollution in some cities.

At the report meeting on October 16, FPI data analysis engineer published a theme report entitled "Urban Ozone Pollution Causes Diagnosis and Control Decision Support". In response to work demands (precursor monitoring with the goal of urban ozone pollution prevention and control), FPI uses the complete photochemical monitoring system and model algorithms, based on mobile station monitoring and photochemical full-process factor online monitoring, grasp the current status and trends of ozone pollution, accurately analyze the causes of ozone pollution, and combine practical experience to formulate operable and refined management measures to assist the government and environmental protection management departments to improve ozone monitoring and control capabilities.

Seminar provided an open and convenient communication platform for FPI. In the future, FPI will insist on independent research and development and become a leader in the filed of science analytical and environmental monitoring instrument.

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