FPI Won Bid for Ministry of Ecological Environment Donated Cambodian Environmental Monitoring Equipment Subproject
Pub Date:2020-09-10 Source: View Num:1148
Recently, Focused Photonics Inc. (FPI) successfully won the bid for “Ministry of Ecological Environment tackling climate change Low-carbon demonstration zone project——donated Cambodian Environmental Monitoring Equipment Subproject”. The bid-winning project including but not limited to provide 10 ambient air quality monitoring systems with material inspection and export declaration, spares, transportation, insurance, packaging, domestic and foreign technical guidance and training, promotion and guarantee service, etc.

This project is one of the international assistances of Ministry of Ecological Environment tackling climate change Low-carbon demonstration zone project. The project will continue to implement the Memorandum of Understanding on China-Cambodia Environmental Protection Cooperation, extend the depth and breadth of China-Cambodia eco-environmental cooperation, assist China and Cambodia to jointly build the green "Belt and Road", promote the construction of a China-Cambodia green community, and create the strategic fulcrum and typical demonstration of the “One Belt One Road” and South-South cooperation in environment.

FPI serves the harmony between human and the world, actively participates in “three defense battles” against blue sky, clear water and green mountain, to assist China in controlling and preventing pollution. Based on independent multiple R & D technology platforms, FPI achieves the largest coverage in both conventional pollution monitoring and characteristic pollution monitoring to become one of the most comprehensive atmospheric monitoring companies with multiple product lines in the environmental monitoring field.

Over the past eighteen years, FPI has formed a unique business development model. According to the pollution prevention and control demands, company provides customers with all-round service from consultation to O&M service including field research, preliminary proposal, plan improvement, after-sale maintenance, and etc. FPI also has accumulated rich experience in national environmental protection program.

It is honoured for FPI to bid this project and participate in the construction of overseas low-carbon demonstration zone project in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecological and Environment. In the future work, FPI will effectively implement delivery plans, installation services, technical guidance, demonstration project construction and publicity assistance. At the same time, FPI will follow the national development steps to broadcast successful Chinese ecological environmental solutions and cutting-edge technologies to more surrounding developing countries. Additionally, through this national program, FPI hopes to create a replicable and globalization business model, which will play an important role in FPI’s international market expansion strategy.

Major Events in China:
June 2011
China launched a climate change South-South cooperation capacity-building training project that aimed at helping other developing countries to improve their ability to tackle climate change.

November 2014
China issued the "National Plan on Climate Change (2014-2020)", proposing to develop South-South cooperation on climate change deeply, support capacity building in developing countries, expand training fields, innovate training methods, and help to train engineers in the field of climate change for developing countries. 

November 2015
Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris and announced China's new policy to support developing countries. President Xi proposed to launch 10 low-carbon demonstration areas, 100 climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, and 1,000 participant climate change training programs for other developing countries (the “Ten-Hundred-Thousand Program for South-South climate cooperation” for short), and is recognized internationally.

April 2019
President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, proposed to cooperate with relevant countries to implement the "Belt and Road" South-South climate cooperation program. The Belt and Road construction will provide new impetus for South-South cooperation projects and provide new assistance for tackle climate change by working with relevant countries.

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