FPI Solution: Toxic Elements Content Measuring in Solid Waste from Waste Incineration
Pub Date:2022-05-25 Source: View Num:1181

Application AreaWaste Incineration

Measuring Sample: Solid Waste

Measuring ComponentsBa, Cd, Cu, Ni, Zn, etc.

FeatureContinuously monitoring the concentration of toxic elements.

Application Scenario

The accelerated urbanization has led to a large amount of domestic waste generation, and waste-to-energy generation can turn waste into treasure. However, power plants or waste incineration treatment plants inevitably produce solid waste toxic elements in the production process - fly ash, fly ash particles are acceptable (1 to 100μm), can adsorb most of the heavy metals and pollutants in the flue gas, causing environmental pollution and potential human health risks, need to be cured and tested after passing the test before landfill. The detection of these heavy metals and toxic elements concentration has a very important significance for environmental safety and environmental protection.

FPI Solution

In the above application scenario, FPIs self-developed EXPEC-6000 series inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES) can be used to measure and analyze the content of Ba, Cd, Cu, Ni, Zn and other elements in the lixivium of solid waste to meet the standard the requirements of relative regulations. The EXPEC-6000 series has the advantages of high sensitivity, good stability, fast reading speed and broad spectral range. In addition to its use in measuring and analyzing the content of toxic elements in the solid waste which is generated in waste incineration, the EXPEC-6000 ICP-OES is also suitable for environmental, petroleum, chemical samples, non-ferrous metals, food and other fields.

Features and Benefits:

Accurate injection system, 5-way mass flow controller for precise control of argon flow. High power supply to guarantee the stable excitation of different samples. Vertical rectangular tube bi-directional observation, multiple observation modes.

Robust optical system, broader wavelength coverage from 160-900nm. Full-spectrum real-time calibration to ensure long-term stability without separate calibration. Large surface array detectors, low noise, high dynamic, and high and low elements can be detected simultaneously.

Convenient operating system diagram, Numerous built-in standards and spectral line libraries become an expert quickly. Status detection, remote service, easier maintenance.

For more information about EXPEC-6000 ICP-OES, please feel free to visit the Official Online Store of FPI: online.fpi-inc.com/

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