AQI (Air Quality Index) network monitoring provides general pollutant data and gives administrative support; whereas source analysis demonstrates the formulation of pollutants. The combination of two approaches gives specific evidence of ambient forecast and right solution for treatment.
Ambient Air VOCs Pollution Monitoring System
Programme OverviewProgramme CompositionFeatures of The SchemeApplication Cases
Programme Overview

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic compounds involved in atmospheric photochemical reactions, including Non-methane hydrocarbons (alkanes, olefin, alkynes, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.), oxygen-containing organic compounds (aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, ethers, etc.), chlorine-containing organic compounds, nitrogen-containing organic compounds, sulfur-containing organic compounds, etc. It is an important precursor of ozone (O3) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution. Currently, more and more countries’ governments and environmental protection authorities realize the importance of monitoring and managing O3 and particulate matters (PM2.5). It is urgent to further strengthen VOC monitoring and control to improve ambient air quality.

FPI ambient air VOCs comprehensive solution is for environmental management department, provides the full range of services including investigation, monitoring, analysis, and evaluation to help users find out the current VOCs pollutant status in the region, and realize rapid early warning, emergency response, pollution tracing, ambient air quality evaluation and other accurate atmospheric ambient air quality management-oriented to air quality improvement.

Programme Composition

FPI adopts the concept of network monitoring on VOCs pollutant treatment, integrated with multiple monitoring instruments, such as online monitoring system, mobile monitoring system, and portable analyzer to build a 360-degree monitoring network system including key source outlet monitoring, key plant monitoring, mobile monitoring, regional air quality monitoring, etc.

FPI ambient air VOCs monitoring solution can be chosen in accordance with specific needs in below:

  • EXPEC-2000-115 Online VOCs Analyzer adopts high-temperature heat tracing double valve column-parallel back-blowing chromatographic separation technology, automatically measuring and analyzing methane and total hydrocarbon content.
  • EXPEC-2000-210 Online VOCs Analyzer adopts chromatographic separation technology, mainly used to monitor the ambient air of benzene series and other characteristic factors in the air.
  • EXPEC-2000-610 Online VOCs Analyzer adopts GC-HSPID technology, mainly used to monitor the volatile organic sulfide in the ambient air.
  • EXPEC-3100 Portable VOC Leakage Detection System adopts hydrogen flame ionization detection technology for total hydrocarbon measurement, suitable for VOCs tracing, on-site emergency detection, and pipeline leak detection.
  • EXPEC-3200 Portable M/NMHC Detection System adopts heat tracing technology to measure compositions of all hydrocarbons, methane, non-methane, and other characteristic emission factors of exhaust gas from stationary sources and unmonitored emissions.
  • EXPEC-3500 GC-MS is a portable instrument that adopts gas chromatography spectrometry (GC-MS) technology for rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis on VOCs and SVOCs in the atmosphere, water, or soil. 

Features Of The Scheme
  • To improve air quality as the goal, to achieve accurate monitoring and control.
  • Build a network monitoring method to realize accurate monitoring and alarming on pollutants.
  • The solution is suitable for multiple scenarios, such as ambient air quality monitoring, industrial campus management, polluter management, emergency monitoring, etc.

Application Cases
Photochemical Component Network Construction Project China National Environmental Monitoring Center
VOCs Quality Control Laboratory Construction Project of Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center
VOCs Mobile Monitoring Service in the 7th CISM Military World Games
2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit
2017 BRICS National Xiamen Summit
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