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Product Overview

FPI’s SupNIR-2700 series near infrared analyzer is designed to meet customers’ demand of accurate and rapid analysis of grain, oil and feed for quality control and pricing. It requires minimal operator training and instrument maintenance. Analysis takes less than a minute and no chemicals are required. Operation is very simple, just pour the sample into the dish, place under the instrument, and automatic analysis will be done within a click.


The user-friendly RIMP software combines instrument control, data analysis and modeling in one. It is connected to the dynamic link libraries, thus ideal for data output and office automation. Report forms can be customized according to customer’s demand. With the existing analysis model, the analyzer performs accurate analysis for quality control of raw material and finished products in solid grains, pellets, pastes and powders.

Technical Data

Wavelength range 1000~1800nm, SupNIR-2720
1000~2500nm, SupNIR-2750
NoiseLess than 5×10-5A
Wavelength accuracy±0.2nm
Wavelength repeatabilityLess than 0.01nm
Stray lightLess than 0.1%
Analysis timeLess than 60s
Simultaneous analysisNo limit
Sample sizeLess than 120g
Lamp life-timeMore than 5000 hours
Communication portsUSB 2.0
Temperature (5~35)℃
Humidity (5~85)%
Power supply(198~242)V/50Hz/0.5A
Dimension(L×W×H)403 x 391 x 374mm
WeightApprox. 20kg

Features and Benefits

Effective Sample analysis

菱形图标.pngOptimize sample presentation while minimize operator influence

菱形图标.pngRequire no sample preparation for most products and ensure sample data integrity

菱形图标.pngPerform analysis for many different sample types of many different parameters

菱形图标.pngRotation measurement ensures the representativeness for heterogeneous samples

Hassle-Free Maintenance

菱形图标.pngEasy to clean sample plate.

菱形图标.pngLong operating time, and light source easy to replace

菱形图标.pngConvenient routinemaintenance and model update

High performance RIMP software

菱形图标.pngEasy and reliable software operation ensures stable analysis result

菱形图标.pngOne software for operation and modeling

菱形图标.pngOnline data analysis and multiple statistics functions

菱形图标.pngCustomizable reports output

Robust design and high reliability

菱形图标.pngAdopt advanced raster scanning technology and InGaAr detector

菱形图标.pngPerform multi-component analysis in less than 1 min

菱形图标.pngDaily self-check and automatic alarm display

菱形图标.pngReliable instrument stability and less instrument noise

菱形图标.pngNo adjustment needed for light source.

菱形图标.pngTransferable calibration, ideal for use in a network of instruments

菱形图标.pngImproved water resistance and dustproof properties, suitable for factory environment

Application Areas

Sample sourceSample typeParameter
GrainWheatMoisture, protein, fat, fiber, ash, Zeleny sedimentation value, wet gluten
FlourMoisture,protein, ash
CornMoisture, protein, fat, fiber, ash, starch,phosphorus, amino acid
Milled riceMoisture,protein, amylose, eating quality
OilSoybeanMoisture,protein, fat
Bean pulpMoisture,protein, fat, fiber, ash, protein dissolution, amino acid
RapeseedMoisture,protein, fat, erucic acid, thioglycoside, palmitic acid, stearic acid,   linoleic acid, oleic acid
Rapeseed mealMoisture,protein, fat, fiber, ash, protein dissolution
CottonseedMoisture,protein, fat
Cottonseed mealMoisture,protein, fat, fiber, ash
Peanut mealMoisture,protein, fat, ash
Sesame mealMoisture,protein
Rice branMoisture,protein, fat, fiber, ash, acid value
Rice bran mealMoisture,protein, ash content
Feed             (raw material)Fish mealMoisture,protein, ash, calcium, phosphorus,acid value, salinity, amino acid
DDGSMoisture,protein, fat, fiber, ash, calcium, phosphorus
Corn germ mealMoisture,protein, fat, fiber, ash
Wheat   branMoisture,protein, ash
Meat powderMoisture,protein, fat, ash, amino acid
ManiocMoisture,protein, ash
Brewer grainMoisture,protein, fat, fiber
Shrimp shell mealMoisture,protein, ash
Feed       (finished product)Batch mixture for pigMoisture,protein, fat, ash, calcium, phosphorus
Batch mixture for hens and ducks (produce egg)Moisture,protein, fat, ash content, calcium, phosphorus
Batch mixture for hens and ducks(produce meat)Moisture,protein, fat, fiber, ash, calcium, phosphorus, salinity
Batch mixture for fishMoisture,protein, fat, ash, calcium, phosphorus

Note: Contact FPI for samples not in the list.