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The OMA-3010 HCl purity and trace Cl analysis system is an industrial solution promoted by FPI especially for thechlor-alkali industry. The system adopts ultraviolet full spectrum analysis technology and chemometric algorithm, uses the OMA-3000 series industrial process analyzer and high corrosion resistant pretreatment system. The OMA-3010 analysis system can analyze the HCl and Cl2 in the process gas in the same time, and adapt to the poor environment such as strong corrosive, dust containing; it can make the following profits to the PVC enterprises with calcium carbide process:

Prevents explosion accidents guarantees safe production

The system can analyze the Cl remained in the HCl main pipe in real time, and transmit the concentration signal to DCS in real time. Once the Cl content is monitored beyond the set value, DCS can close the C H delivery vale, for preventing explosion. In addition, customers can control the ratio of H and Cl by checking the content of remained.

Improve the H utilization ratio and HCl synthesis ratio

Te system can also analyze the purity of HCl in the main pipe aside from monitoring the trace Cl . The enterprises can improve the utilization ratio of H2 by reducing the superfluous H when the Cl is guaranteed not beyond the standard. Statistics according to the production data of a chlor-alkali plant with annual output of 200,000 tons: once the HCl purity is improved by 1%, the vinyl chlorine monomer will be produced 3,400 tons more p