2016 International pipeline expo is closed


Sep 27rd-29th FPI attended 2016 International pipeline expo in Calgary. As one of the world’s biggest oi l& gas exhibition, the International Pipeline Exposition(IPE) brings together thousands of leading professionals to explore a showcase of over 250 of the industry’s most recognized brands and the latest pipeline technologies, products, and services.


Depending on the natural resources advantage on sufficient natural gas and oil, IPE attracted different experts for leak detection, pipeline design, construction and maintenance.


This is the first time FPI's new developed RLGD (Remote Laser Gas Detetor) appearing in Canada.

RLGD-100 the Remote Laser Gas Detector is an easy-to-operate portable device, capable of detecting methane leaks by just pointing it towards the survey areas. The remote methane detector can be applied in all natural gas process from the very beginning to end users. User friendly interface and operation makes remote detector even can be used by untrained user possible.